Beautiful Brown Shower Curtain

Brown shower curtain – Mildew shower curtain can appear in different shapes, colors and sizes. Mold on the bathroom can be a mixture of pink or red and sometimes appears dark green or black. Some of the fungal colonies growing on the shower curtain can be of various colors; need not be of a single [...]

Amazing custombathroom vanities

Custom bathroom vanities – Build your own bathroom vanity is one way to be sure of getting exactly what you need. A little woodworking experience will go a long way in a project like this, but with the right tools and a set of plans, it is a project worth addressing. You can build the [...]

Ideas Pictures of Tiled Bathrooms

Pictures of tiled bathrooms - The bathroom is a room in the residence being the center of attention, little by little because of people has come to realize that it makes all the difference in the house, leaving the most valued and harmonic, which is very important these days today. Something that has always been successful [...]

best double sink bathroom vanity

In this post we’ll give tips when you choose double sink bathroom vanity. First thing to consider when you choose double sink bathroom is total size of your bathroom and space where you want to put “vanity”. If your bathroom is small, then you can limit this vanity for a smaller, but if you have [...]

Best subway tile bathrooms

Glass subway tile bathrooms are clear, easy to clean waterproof tiles are generally larger than typical ceramic tiles. Rectangular, as opposed to the square in shape, some subway tiles give a bricklike to walls translucent appearance, allowing you to apply them as paving stones for a look not normally associated with the bathroom walls. Because [...]

Amazing undermount bathroom sink

Undermount bathroom sink – How much space you save with Undermount bathroom sink? Sinks and toilets. Maximize your space on the bathroom counter, installed undermount bathroom sink. Sink is sitting under the surface of the table, take up less space than a bathroom sink counters were dirty faster and more difficult to clean. Undermount bathroom [...]

Copper Bathroom Sinks Photos

Homeowners and interior designers are excited about the possibilities that the copper bathroom sinks offer. They are a wonderful alternative to porcelain, with some refinement of glass, but provide a more organic and antique. The brilliance of copper affects many decorators in his richly textured surface. You can choose to keep the copper shiny especially [...]

Design Modern Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Modern bathroom vanity lighting – Incorporating a modern bathroom design will give you a more spacious and functional bathroom. Accessories and decorations are kept minimal to keep clean and clutter-free bathroom. This helps to increase the visual space in the room and can also help make a small bathroom look bigger. Increase the visual space [...]

Best penny tile bathroom

Penny tile bathroom is becoming the focus of many makeovers interior design. While once the bathroom was seen as purely functional, space is becoming a sanctuary of function and style. Contemporary tiles are occurring today in new and innovative materials, colors, shapes and sizes, ideal for swimming today. The use of these different products can [...]

antique narrow bathroom vanities

Small bathrooms look like a decorating challenge, but making changes in a small space decorating usually takes less time and money to redo a larger space. You will often find narrow bathroom vanities, although they take up valuable space. If you want to keep your small bathroom vanity due to budgetary constraints or convenient storage [...]